HUD blips: Alan Wake, Red Dead Redemption, Skate 3 and Fallout: New Vegas

Posted: May 12, 2010 in HUD blips

As far as I know, both Alan Wake and Red Dead Redemption are to release on May 18th 2010 and Skate 3 on May 11th while Fallout: New Vegas isn’t due until fall/ winter 2010.  This means my choice is really between Alan Wake and RDR as I already own Skate 2 and can still get some more out of it so it’s not worth it for me.  But, let’s take a look anyway so we know what’s worth something on the sales rack.

Trailer for Alan Wake

If the reviews are anything to go by, this game is the second coming of Jesus and he’s bringing ice cream.  Hopefully I can forget the hype by the time I get to play it.  Nothing kills the mood more than a game that can’t quite live up to the hype the marketing team puts behind it.  If I was a marketer, and Microsoft drove a dump truck full of money to my house and asked me to market the hell out of their game, you bet your ass I would.  It probably wouldn’t be a very good campaign, but at least I’d have the money…  If Remedy games (makers of Max Payne) can’t make a dark game with moody atmosphere work, then let’s just call the whole survival/horror genre a wash and think of something else.  It would be dead and beyond resuscitation at that point, no sense making another one.  Looks pretty awesome though.

Red Dead Redemption (life in the west) Trailer

I’m thinking GTA4 in the early 1900’s would be awesome.  I’ve even started watching all the old spaghetti westerns again in anticipation.  Free-roaming, open world in the wild west?  Sign me up!  Ever since the first game: Red Dead Revolver, I really wanted a sequel with a bit more polish.  There seems to be a lot to do, with a world much larger (reportedly) than San Andreas you could conceivably make your own wild west adventure and never touch the core game.  Hunting, trading, mining, robbing, helping, shooting, there’s something to do everywhere.  The best part is: cell phones haven’t been invented yet in the 1900’s, so no annoying cousins to call asking to go for some “American teetees”.

Skate 3 trailer

Skate 1 needed some tweaking to make better and Skate 2 was that tweak.  It worked, but adding more story didn’t need to happen.  For a game with no progression (all tricks are available to do from the start if you know how) I don’t need my skater to rise to glory, I just want to skate.  This one seems to do away with this and for that I’m grateful.  Someone needs to tell BlackBox that a tacked on story does not a good game make.  Just look at what happened with Need For Speed…  I don’t need a story to justify going fast in a hot car any more than I need context for my 360* flip into bluntslide.  They just are, because they are.  Context is for students, fun is for games.

Fallout: New Vegas trailer

What is there to say about Fallout?  I’ve played them all (the Fallout series proper anyway), loved them all and welcome more.  While Fallout 3 was developed by Bethesda Softworks, this iteration comes by way of Obsidian entertainment.  Obsidian was formed from the ashes of Black Isle studios, who developed the original Fallout games, so this should be true to form.  It reportedly uses the Oblivion engine upon which Fallout 3 is based, but I hope that Obsidian has fixed the animations and facial expressions that Bethesda seems to fail so epically at.  As long as it’s as moody and gritty as I expect a Fallout title to be, all will be good.

As it stands, looking through these games, I think I’ll be buying RDR day 1, renting Alan Wake soon after then seeing if I feel like renting Skate 3 or I just feel like actually skateboarding this summer instead; who knows?  Fallout:NV is still a while away so I’ve got time there.  In fact. I may simply start another playthrough in Fallout 3, just for fun and blogging or something.

Oh and another thing:  I will try to avoid the videos to cut down on the fluff like ads and annoying YouTube text bubbles mucking up the works.  Hopefully I don’t get sued by taking video myself.


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