Upcoming rentals, GT5 news, SSFIV combo video and a wishlist.

Posted: May 13, 2010 in NooZ

So I’m in the process of writing my rental review for Prototype as it was due back yesterday.  I had a good time with it, despite the frustration of DIAS gameplay it was enjoyable, but what did I rent next?  Wouldn’t you like to know…

Since there was a slew of new games on the shelf (okay there was 4, how many in a slew again?) that were actually in stock I had a choice for once.  I didn’t want another straight (j)RPG and another open-world game might be too much to chew.  What was there?  Super Street Fighter IV, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Lost Planet 2 and Nier.  I already have SFIV and am considering picking up the Super version when I can, so not that one.  I hate Splinter Cell…  I’m fine with Metal Gear so it’s not the stealth thing, I just don’t like the way Splinter Cell games are set up.  Are they bad?  People like them, so there are those who don’t think so.  I’ll pass on this one then.  LP2 has been on my radar for a while, but it just doesn’t seem compelling enough at the moment.  Maybe it’s because I never played the first one beyond at a demo kiosk or that I see only another shooter, at least I’ll keep it an option for later in case I’m in a shooter mood or something.  So I settled on Nier; a Zelda style action RPG from Square Enix.  So far, it’s pretty good, but I’ve only put in 3 hours so far so we’ll see if the goodness holds up.

I’m hoping to get a tuning article for Forza 3 up today, but editing it from my old forum post could take a bit.  Especially since I still have to write my review for Prototype.  Eventually…  eventually.

In GT News the Nurburgring is confirmed for GT5 in three different configurations.  GP, Nordschleife and the 24 hour circuit which is a combination of both.  Knowing GT there will probably be an actual 24 hour race there for the endurance races.  Hopefully PS3’s don’t overheat as easily as the 360 does…  That’s a lot of hours to race at once on the Green Hell! (source: Kotaku)  Now if they would just release it already…  actually wait-  I can’t afford a PS3 yet, never mind a decent wheel for it.  G27’s are expensive!

Speaking of SSFIV; Combo master Dj-B13 has a new trailer for SSFIV combos up on youtube now.  This guy is crazy with the badass combos in these games.  I wish I had some more cash for a fight stick – this post is turning into a wish list: sorry – I’d still never be this good, but I could at least not have to fight the awful D-pad on the 360 controller at the same time.  Enough blaming tools for my poor job, let’s watch mr. Dj-B13 make me look horrible and be amazed…

EDIT: i forgot to mention that I do have a BETA key for Blur, but I haven’t hooked  up the ethernet cable yet while playing NIER.  I’ll keep you updated when I finally get in and get to look around though.  The game is due out May 25th so not too far off now.


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