Blur beta, Split/Second and a Nier miss…

Posted: May 17, 2010 in HUD blips

For some reason, the beta key given to me through the Blur beta page was already taken and I couldn’t get in…  oh well, guess I’ll wait for the full release like everyone else.  It should be a fun little Mario Kart type car combat game, without the little kid stigma that goes with Mario Kart (I love it personally).  I’ll wait for the May 25th release date, RDR should easily hold me for that long.  For now, here’s a video trailer of the game (one without Danica Patrick sleeping her way though it).

When I figured out that I couldn’t get in the beat for Blur, I found a demo up for Split/Second which is another car combat game from Disney Interactive.  This one takes a “mega-budget reality show” concept and I think it’s fantastic.  There’s only one track and one car to play on, but in my hour or so with the demo I only had the same race twice.  The environments are destructible with enough meter (built through drafting, drifting and jumping), but there’s no guns or anything, just environmental hazards like falling water towers or ships that may change the track layout by blocking other paths or helicopters flying overhead with exploding barrels in tow to drop.  It’s really quite fun and I wished there was a multiplayer segment of the demo as well.  You can’t have everything I guess.

Two promising arcade style racers with more to do than get first, sign me up!

I’m still playing through NIER, the action RPG from Square and it’s a lot better than I anticipated.  Based on Yahtzee’s review I thought it would be decent, but it’s turning out much better than that.  There are a few issues with it, like the veritable plethora of menial fetch-quests or the miles and miles of back tracking, but most ARPG’s have these issues, so I can’t be too harsh.  I’d really like a new outfit for Nier though…  I’m not feeling the sandals, pantaloon and single shoulder pad look he’s got going on, but I guess there’s enough eye-candy with Kainé running around in her lingerie and pair of huge swords to keep me distracted.  I only have the game until Wednesday, but RDR comes out tomorrow, so I don’t know if I’ll want to play it much after then.  My review should be up by the end of the week.


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