Out of warranty…

Posted: June 5, 2010 in About...

Well, it’s happened again.  My Xbox360 has shit itself and now I get audio and no picture, again.  This is the second time I’ve had a similar failure happen except now the box is out of warranty.  Therefore: I’m out of pocket.  You know, once I have the money to do so anyway…

This means no more Forza tuning posts until the new box is picked up.  I still have a NIER rental review to post, so it’s not like there’s nothing going on for me at the moment.  I mean, I still have a Wii…  *sigh*  So expect a couple of rental reviews on some Wii titles I may be playing while I wait for the money tree to spit out Xbox360 cash levels (ie: I work my ass off so hard that I don’t want to play games when I get home, thus defeating the purpose).  Maybe I should be thinking in a more PS3 direction, but this is now a pipe-dream.  I’ve got too much invested in the Xbox platform to simply jump ship.  A new racing wheel is $200 + depending, never mind that GT5 is practically vaporware at this point.  It doesn’t make sense financially.  Though I will buy one when the money (and games) are available to do so.  I have a spot ready under my TV already.

Still, there’s my NFS: WTF series I’ll be continuing, plus a few more game design columns so it’s not like there isn’t stuff to talk about.  Not that anyone reads this anyway…


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