Civanon, more brutality and GT5 release date!

Posted: June 16, 2010 in NooZ

Let us start this one off with a bang!

Civ V is to be released soon and I’m pretty happy about that.  The graphical improvements alone are enough to entice me into another round of “just one more turn” all over again.  The change to hex tiles made me a little apprehensive about the whole thing, but I’m fairly confident in Firaxis’ abilities as a developer and Sid Meier’s influence will certainly show through.  The games new emphasis on combat, and probably the impetus for the hex tile, is slightly worrying to me, but I’m sure the end of unit stacking and some depth to the mechanic was needed for this franchise.  It got a little tired seeing an archer take down a bomber for instance, especially when you’re the one controlling the bomber.  In an interview with Gamasutra, the game’s designer Dennis Shirk outlines their goals for the game.  This interview makes me believe that we’ll all need Civ anonimous soon…

Here’s another combo vid for SSFIV from the best combo vid maker I’ve found, mr DjB13…

Damn this guy is awesome!  I love the new outfit for Rose and Cammy.  To see that Rose and Guile are no longer a low tier characters make me smile.

Now Microsoft has gone and released a new box. It’s all edgy and stuff, I suppose.  It should run cooler, quieter and come with a 250gb HDD.  For $299 I suppose it’s alright.  Though it then competes with their current Pro and Elite models.  Maybe a price drop is in order for those, who knows?  I’d just like to know if the Arcade will be price dropped soon, as I already have a 150gb HDD and a 20gb HDD and don’t need any extra space for any price.  For my 3rd Xbox, it better be reliable and not cost too much as I already have over $1000 invested in the platform.

Speaking of investing in a platform, there’s a final release date for GT5!  November 2, 2010 is the release date printed at the end of one of GT5’s E3 trailers.  Let’s hope they stick to this one as the feature creep is rediculous here.  There were delays for PS Move, 3d technology and many other things (probably licensing deals).  This is the 5th E3 in a row that Sony has displayed a game that nobody can play.  At least it’s almost confirmed that the game does, in fact, exist.

So…  anyone want to buy me a PS3?  No?  C’mon, I’ll get the G27…  Please?  Crap.

*holds sign on street corner*

*”Will drive virtually for PS3″*

*whistles Jazzy tunes from previous GT menus*


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