An ode to old school

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Rants

Why, oh why can’t we have more of this?

Why do we need cutting edge graphics all the time?  What purpose does it serve other than to get your project green-lit by the suits higher up?  I’m pretty sure none, but what do I know.  I understand that realism sells in certain circles, but it doesn’t have to dominate the industry.  Hundred million dollar projects are fine, but they all don’t have to be that way.  Gears of War wouldn’t have worked in pixel art or cell shaded, but there’s no reason every game needs to push the graphics envelope.  I’m glad Epic is sticking with the Unreal3 engine for a while longer.  It’s capable of anything really, and it doesn’t need super fancy 3d art to do it either.  Why do we need HD textures on everything?  Simply because we have the ability I guess.  I’d love something 3d with some 8bit or 16bit textures on the polys, in fact someone’s done just that; and I’m jealous I didn’t think of it first.

This uses the Doom 2 engine and it’s awesome!  It’s really surprising how well those 8bit ripped sprites look in Doom 2 (which used sprites and not polygons).  I’m surprised more people haven’t tried this.  I’d really like to re-skin a UDK model in 32bit pixel art and see how it turns out.  I wonder if the lighting engine will get confused or make it look wrong, but I suppose I could KISMET that out somehow.  Anyway, I’m probably going to dust off my copy of RPGMaker XP and see if I can’t come up with anything to develop.  Maybe a sh’mup or a Zelda type game?  Hmm, apocalypse type survival game?  Nice!  Guess I’ll get to work on my design doc.


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