EVO 2010 SSFIV and SSFIIHDR with a little LIMBO

Posted: July 20, 2010 in NooZ

July 9-11th was the EVO fighting game championships in Las Vegas and it seems to have caused quite a stir.  Number one seeded American EG Justin Wong was defeated at the hands of relative newcomer and Taiwan native Gamerbee sending Justin into the loser’s bracket.  While this event isn’t unheard of in any fighting tournament, where anything can and will, happen- it’s really made for a lot of hubub over Gamerbee’s character of choice: Adon.  EG Justin Wong has said that Adon wasn’t worthy to be in the game and nobody would play him in a tournament setting.  Guess he was wrong and SSFIV is far more balanced than I could have ever thought.

Here’s the semi-final match between Gamerbee (Adon) and EG Justin Wong (Rufus)

Other notable SSFIV fights include a great showing by a pad playing Zangief (fittingly named Vangief).

Tatsu (Claw) vs. Online Tony (Seth)

Not too many players rocking Vega or Seth either online or at tourneys I guess.  It’s lots of fun to see people playing characters other than Ryu/Ken and Rufus all the time.

And the grand finals.  Daigo Umehara (Ryu) vs. EG Ricky Ortiz (Rufus)

Super Street Fighter IV wasn’t the only game showcased at EVO, there was also Tekken 6 (I’m not a fan), Melty Blood (also not a fan), MvC2 (infinites… ugh) and Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (yay!).  Daigo was present for the SFII HD remix tourney, rocking Ryu as usual.  The HD Remix tourney had some great play as well.

But then Daigo met Jason Cole and his Dhalsim…

Wait for the crowd’s reaction when they switch consoles, haha!

And the finals, including a Zangief!  Whoah!

All of this begs the question:  If fighting games have this tight community that puts on it’s own competitions spanning multiple games and consoles for the purpose of seeing who’s the best, why can’t the racing game community do this too?  Have polls on the various racing game forums as to which games would be included and come up with rules as to how they will be played.  One on one?  Full grid?  Mario Kart or Forza 3?  It seems so simple yet I’m sure it’s a fairly involved process to set up.  EVO’s been going on for quite a few years and they have major publishing moolah behind it (Capcom I’m sure springs quite a bit for it) so they know what they’re doing.  I still think something like this would work for racing games too, though wheels are a little harder to carry around than arcade sticks are I suppose.  Meh, I still think it’s a good idea, but I’ll need to think on it for a bit (while my money tree grows some more).

In other n00z, Limbo releases for XBLA today and damn does it look creepy…

I’m a sucker for 2d platformers so this should be a shure-fire hit with me.  It seems to have an “out of this world” vibe to it with no voices or music, just ambient sound making a very moody puzzling experience.  It looks like fun and is surely a genious title but at 3-4 hours of gameplay for $15 (1200 msp) it’s priced a little steep for my blood.  This should be an 800 point game in my opinion.  Castlevania Symphony of the Night was only 800 points and it was a full $60 game for the PS1 back in the day.  I’m simply puzzled at Microsoft’s decision to price all theses XBLA games in the $15-$20 bracket.  I’m sure people will pay that, but when a downloadable title costs just as much as a full $60 AAA release bought used four months after release there isn’t much incentive to pick it up at full price.  DLC doesn’t get price drops until some sort of deal event hits so we’re probably SOL for quite some time.

Gorgeous game though.  Moody and brooding, just how I like it.

Some Pokemon B/W n00z.  Apparently Nintendo isn’t simply making the same game twice, then removing certain pokemon from each so they’re exclusive.  There may be entirely new locations in each game making each one slightly different-er (yeah, I went there).  I don’t understand a lick of Japanese so I have no idea what these children’s show hosts are saying in regards to the triple battles or the fact that the pokemon are more animated in battle or even what those new pokemon are.  I do however see that Black city (in Black duh) is very different in tile set to the White forest (in white…) though they are the same map from the footage here.  There could be quite a few story differences as well as setting differences.  We’ll see when the game(s) hits in North America about a year after Japan.

Anyone speak Japanese and translate?


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