L.A. Noire

Posted: December 16, 2010 in HUD blips

The trailers for this game give me chills.  I’ve never seen facial animations quite like what Team Bondi games have come up with for L.A. Noire.

Just have a look for yourself.

Team Bondi swears that this is in-game footage, and I for one, believe them.  Especially when you see the second trailer released for this detective thriller.

Of course any game dealing with the subtleties of human corruption would need faces that can be read in the traditional sense.  Being a detective is about weeding out the truth from the lies as much as it is about collecting clues and connecting the dots.  Criminals involved in law breaking activities are also not going to want to tell an L.A. homicide detective everything they need to know now are they?  Team Bondi and Rockstar games let us know about their incredible facial animation technology in this “making of” style dev diary.

It’s simply fantastic, they way they meld 2 separate acting sessions into one cohesive scene.  I don’t normally gush all over graphics, I’m no shiny graphics whore, but I can really appreciate the tech being displayed here.  The amount of money invested in this unproven technology must be staggering.  Though the reaction to these trailers seems to make the whole investment worthwhile.  I just can’t wait for the game.

One request though:  can we get a PC version up in this bitch?  Anyone?  Please?


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