Pwnt! That’s quite an oopsie T10… UPDATED

Posted: December 16, 2010 in NooZ

So Turn 10 decided that what we Xbox360 owners need is another Forza Motorsport game and has teased Forza Motorsport 4 with this video.

There’s little to no actual game footage, there’s some of a red Ford GT, but that’s pretty much a rehash of their E3 Kinect presentation and is in a menu.  I think it’s mainly to try and steal a little of Gran Turismo 5’s thunder by announcing a game that’s 11 months away and doesn’t really have a reason to exist.

But what’s this? has found that Turn 10 has stolen footage from a film (coincidentally, and a rather funny twist of fate) named TURN9.  See for yourself after the jump.


Compare that to the video above…  Pay attention to the driver and the BMW M3 E46.  They’re in both clips, TURN9 did not give permission to use the clips.  Odd considering Microsoft is so strict on authenticating Windows installs, but they never considered someone else’s copyright.  Hmm, a bit of a double standard no?

Either way I think releasing FM4 only two years after FM3 (which was released only 2 years after FM2) is a mistake.  It’s obvious that T10 made quite a few mistakes in releasing FM3 when they did and the game showed that it could have used another few months to polish out the classes and upgrade systems.  The game looks nice and drives brilliantly but it is simply too flawed to work as it stands.  FM3 could have been a much better game if the cars weren’t so damn expensive and the class system wasn’t broken.  Not to mention the horrible lighting in the paint booth where the entire back end of the car is obscured by shadows.

And I’ll probably buy Forza 4 anyway…


Jalopnik has updated this story to include a tale of misunderstanding.

Microsoft was adamant today indicating they did license those four short snippets of video while the director of Turn9 insisted the video was never licensed to anyone. What happened in between is an international game of telephone gone wrong.

According to Whitcome, Stephane Benini, who runs Clash Productions, said he’d like to help promote the Turn9 trailer, but instead of linking to Whitcome’s trailer or website, Benini uploaded it to his YouTube page.

Fast forward a few weeks, and It turns out the people who created the trailer for Microsoft are a fan of Benini’s work and asked if they could license some of his video. According to sources involved, he agreed and told them to just have anything they wanted on his YouTube page.

Not quite as sensational as I thought…  oh well.  I can’t be right all the time.  This still doesn’t give Forza 4 any reason to exist though.  Forza 3 is a game designed to be relevant for a good 5 years, there shouldn’t be a sequel for the current generation of hardware.  Anything T10 is doing for FM 4 could have been DLC, there’s no excuse for rendering your 2 year old game obsolete.  Just fix the goddamn one that’s out!


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