Welcome to Suck, squish, bang, blow (again)!

My name is Geoff Potter, I’m a 33 year old father of one who has a particular passion with cars and games.  My wife already accepts my insanity as the rule rather than the exception, and for that I applaud her.

I’m also a cheap-ass.  Not by choice mind you, it’s more to the affect that I have no money and therefore cannot spend it.  Seriously, I’ve learned enough through credit-card debt that money you don’t have can’t be spent on games (or cars for that matter).

I prefer driving games to all others, mainly because I’m good at them; at least in comparison to how I am at FPSs (I is teh suck).   Since I’ve been gaming pretty much all of my conscious life, I can tell when a game is bad and when it’s not, even if I suck at it.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a platformer, RPG, beat-em-up, Fighter, FPS, 3rd PS, puzzle game or whatever, I play ’em.

Since I’m cheap, and/or broke all the time I tend to rent a lot of games.  If a game can’t tell me if it’s fun or worth playing in 3-7 days, then you’ve failed as a game developer.  If your game takes more than 20 hours to become fun, then how did you expect anyone to play it that long to find out?  No, the people who get payed to play it all the way through to 100% then write about it and tack a number on the end do not count.  I will try and give some insight on the game I’ve rented and try to let anyone who cares if the game is worth buying, renting or passing entirely.  Me being me, I’ll probably be renting newer games, if there’s a good deal on an older used game, I’ll review those too – hoping to find a diamond in the rough or something.

From time to time I indulge my powerful escapist tendencies and splurge on a brand new game.  Day 1 purchases are few and far between for me but they do end up up my radar.  For these games (and older ones I find interesting or funny enough) will be reviewed in a play-by-play format.  One I have yet to devise.

When the mood strikes me I will also write about game design, generally directed at or derived from the games I’m playing at the time.  I hope to find problems and provide solutions within games and game genres as I go along.  With nearly 30 years of gaming experience I think I can offer some insight.  Like every other blog in netspace I will probably rant every so often.  Don’t be alarmed, it’s only the internet.  Feel free to poke holes in my logic, berate me for maiming proper grammar and let me know I’m an idiot in the comments below each post.  It makes me feel loved.

Racing games are my bread-and-butter and as such will have much deeper coverage.  Racing sims epecially.  I buy games like Forza Motorsport / Gran Turismo as they have a great replayability factor, plus I love to tinker about with cars so they’re money well spent.  I’ll go over tuning and building tips as well as (Forza) paint mode tips aswell.  I’ll try and review tunes and paint for Forza here too and I’m working towards getting a PS3 (and a wheel) for GT5 should it ever come out (dear Polyphony: please).

Just in case you were wondering, my gamertag is: g3TurboD and you can find me playing Forza 3 more often than not.  Please leave me a comment or message if you’d like to send me a friend request.  If not I will ignore requests from strangers.  Once I have a PS3 I will post that tag here too.  I have a Wii, but online is gimped there so I avoid it and my PC sucks too much for gaming…  it’s barely good enough to run this blog!



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