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King of the Mountain: Part 3

Posted: August 27, 2010 in Best Forza-ing

Round 1 of the King of the Mountain competition is complete.



Meet the competitors…

Well here we are, the trucks have rolled in, the dyno has been set up and the cars are ready for inspection.  It’s a nice sunny day in the town of Kaido at the bottom of the mountain, perfect weather for driving way too fast on really dangerous roads.  The locals don’t seem too happy about us being here.  Something about disturbing their peace and quiet, oh well, there won’t be much of that for a while.


King of the Mountain

Posted: July 26, 2010 in Best Forza-ing

Here’s the teaser for my upcoming competition “King of the Mountain”.  10 tuners have sent me their most potent B class touge weapons for me to thrash on Fujimi Kaido in Forza 3.  I will drive the cars on Kaido B and Kaido C with the lowest combined lap time being the winner.  If two or more cars are still within a second of each other I will run them on the Old Downhill as a tie-break.  The first round on Kaido B begins today.  In-depth write ups on each car to be posted shortly.

Sorry guys, RRoD and crazy work schedules have kept me from this thread. I had a car mostly done for the C class RWD section, but I’d forgotten how I got there so I started again

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1 in my building and tuning in FM3 series to get you up to speed.

Anyway, here’s the C class RWD section you’ve (probably not) been waiting for…

Ok, so you have a bunch of cars that you’ve built up from the career mode and now it’s time to venture online. Your cars have served you well over your career, winning many credits and cars but upon entering the arena known as Xbox live, they simply don’t stack up. What to do? Check the leaderboards and see what the fastest cars are and rock those? NO! That’s lame, be an individual Keep reading and you’ll have some rocking oddball cars to beat up on unsuspecting Audi’s in no time YMMV